What are they doing now?

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If you would like to add your "Snapshot" to this web page, please write a paragraph or two and send it to me at ted.lind(a)

Name: Tim Collins Updated: 04/01/2010 
Currently at the Motorola Research Center working on RFID, WiFi, and video for enterprise markets.


Name: Chris Colonna Updated: 03-08-01   
Currently in ISCG at Motorola (used to be PNG).  Spent 12 years in Cellular (PCS) before moving to ISCG.  Have been working on Entertainment on Wireless devices - for example; games, multimedia (video and audio), and ring tones.  Our group is known (for now - expect changes soon) as the Entertainment Core Solution Center. I've been acting as the technical manager and also responsible for the audio and video strategies along with implementation. 

Current focus is on getting video into our wireless devices.   I work the entire process from putting together the business plan to determining the technical feasibility and the implementation.

I reside in Roselle and drive to Libertyville - not much of a change from Schaumburg to Franklin Park in terms of miles/time! Have 2 kids - Allison, 9 & Kyle 12 and am still happily married to Ingrid Kraass (you might remember her from FP finance).


Name: Steve Kravitz Updated: 11-09-00    
Steve is living in Jupiter Florida where he has an auto dealership!  It is called Global Auto Sales. Steve buys and sells used and classic automobiles. He has my own lot that although small, has some neat little vehicles from days past.  Example, on the lot now are 3 70's Corvettes, one 67 Pontiac Grand Prix, a 67 Olds Cutlass and a 49 Chevy Street Rod. 

Steve said, "Chicago will always be home, and Florida a place to ponder life. It's a good place to come to vacation, retire and die. That's about it.  No industry here to speak of and it's very seasonal. Snowbird time (now) is when the state comes alive."  In summer you can lay in the street and there aren't enough people here to run you over. I would ultimately like to be in Chicago for part of the year and Florida the rest. But for now with kids 8 and 12 it's hard to have a double life. I am not rushing the passing of time, and will have plenty of time when the kids are grown to travel to and fro."


Name: Dustin Harris

Updated: 03-16-01   

I started my own business, and it is doing very well.  I am a distributor for  "Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating" store is in Wood Dale.


Name: Kevin Hass Updated: 02-02-01   
Still working at Motorola
Name: Sang Kim Updated: 02-02-01   
Working in IDEN at Motorola


Name: Ted Lind Updated: 11-09-00   
I retired from Motorola Component Products Division in June of 1999 having become a Grandfather for the first time six months earlier.  I am currently doing a small amount of consulting, doing all of the home projects I have been putting off for the last ten years, managing my investments, and teaching computer literacy as a volunteer.  I also maintain and improve this web site hoping it will provide a means for the CPD Alumni to keep in touch with old friends. We have managed to visit a lot of people we have not visited in a while. We are now looking forward to spending more time traveling in the year to come. 
Name: Marv Starzak Updated: 01-18-01   
Still at the big M and looking to retire in November of 2000.
Name: James Wolf Updated: 03-07-01   
I was an Industrial Engineer at Franklin Park in the Components Division in the 1970's.  I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area and am presently a Vice President of Investments at Shochet Securities.  I can provide Alumni Members a 25% discount on stocks, bonds, CD's or other investments, of course my financial investment advice is always available for free.  I can be reached at 1-800-327-1536.


Name: Pete Barton Updated: 03-14-01   
Pete consults privately. The name of the firm is Total Consulting Solutions. 


Name: John Gehrke Updated: 07-19-01   
I'm GM of Veeco's specialty Ion Beam Deposition products. We build expensive capital equipment for the data storage industry. You can check us out at



Name: Don Schumacher Updated: 05-11-02  
So I was temporarily back in Mot, the day I gave notice at CTS was the same day that Motorola anounced the sale of its Automotive division to Continental. The sale is final, I have now been sold twice and am now a Conti employee. I suspect a new email in the near future. 


Name: Carl Davis Updated: 05-04-2007   
Currently managing a Systems Engineering team at GE Healthcare in Milwaukee. Formerly, CTO of software company in Chicago and Machine Vision "Guy" at Motorola CPD in Schaumburg! My email address cdavis(a) still works, but don't check it too often.


Name: Patrick Gallagher Updated: 11-21-01   
Just recently given the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere after several years with CDMA Systems division as a Project Manager and Market Support Manager.

Denise and I and our boys have lived in Lindenhurst for the past five years. We'll see where will be in the future and if we move we'll let you know.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and holiday season!

Semper Fi,

Patrick Gallagher



Name: Carl Wojewoda Updated: 120901
Working in Motorola SPS doing analog IC design


Name: Ken Bowler Updated: 03-17-2002
I am the Plant Manager for Winstrom Windows in Park Forest Il. The responsibilities of this job are all of Production, Human Resources, and plant maintenance.


Name: Jim Socki Updated: 04-26-2002
Now living in central Massachusetts, still involved in crystals!


Name: Ovidio Acevedo Jr. Updated: 10-17-02
I joined CPD right after it was sold to CTS and became CTS Wireless Components. Todd Henry hired me to be part of his test systems group. I had the opportunity to work with a lot of other good people who's names are too numerous to list but those who I worked with directly include Don Schumacher, Dave Lindquist, Kathy Haas, Jim Pinson, and Jay Ingram. I worked there for 3.5 years.


Name: Mike Schomas Updated: 01-03-03
Former crystal development engineer with CTS from 1997 to 2002. Transferred to CPD in Schaumburg shortly after the sale and moved with the group to Bloomingdale. Degreed in Physics from North Central College in Naperville and completing an additional degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.


Name: Nigel Aubrey Updated: 04-22-04


I "Retired" 15th May,2003. I see a lot of names in the Registry I remember!

Life is ironic most of the names are from Illinois, I have been here 10 months - up from Florida!

Anybody is welcome to E-Mail or Phone me....


Name: Jerry Wiland Updated: 04-29-04

Still working at Motorola in the GTSS Group as Market Manager for the Sprint Account in Chicago. We are responsible for the installation of cellualr infrastructure equipment, market RF performance, and system growth. I still have a few more years before retirement



Name: Barbara Jones Updated: 04-26-06
Worked for Motorola for 19 years then when MOT sold Components was picked up by CTS Wireless. Working in Finance doing collections of past due invoices. MOT is my biggest portfolio. A group of about 9 Motorolans still get together at least once a month for dinner. Its good to see old friends and talk about the good old times.


Name: Fred Abrahamson Updated: 07-31-06
Worked at Motorola from 1967 through 1977. Currently working at Technical Engineering Associates.



Name: Tom Davidson Updated: 07-31-06
Emigrated to New Zealand, working at Rakon. Yes, quartz!


Name: Harold Mech Updated: 11-03-09
I'm still working full time at CTS.