Alumni Picnic


CPD Alumni Reunion Picnic


Comments from Bob Mueller who graciously sponsored the CPD Alumni Picnic


The first CPD reunion picnic started slow as the weather that morning was

cold and rainy. But by mid morning the rain had subsided and the

temperatures risen. About 50 old friends got together at Busse Ned Brown

and from the loud and constant buzz, they enjoyed seeing each other again.

By mid afternoon the wind had picked up and temperatures started dropping

again as people headed for their cars. We had a weather window of

opportunity and we made the best of it.


My appreciation to those who braved the elements, I think that they feel

that it was worth it. To those who couldn't make it, like the Cubs, wait

until next year.


I received numerous emails from individuals who couldn't attend for one

reason or another. Thanks to all of you for your responses and good wishes.

We missed you too. There were many who suggested making this an annual

event - well we'll see.


Best Regards to all,

Bob Mueller


These pictures were taken  and provided to the Alumni Club web site by Joe De John 

and Patti Witt. We thank you both.


BobDustinAnd Edited.jpg (46633 bytes) BillOdwasBob Edited.jpg (50375 bytes)
Walt Kuston, Bob Mueller & Dustin Harris

Bob Mueller, Bill Odwasni, 

Marlin Luff

GutMartyTedLois Edited.jpg (44579 bytes) HankRick Edited.jpg (53825 bytes)

Marty, Boris , Adolf Khuen, Guy Accetura, Ted & Lois Olejnik

Rick Dingles ,Hank Kurtz
Essie Edited.jpg (45350 bytes) meJerryGFlowers Edited.jpg (453514 bytes)
Patricia Witte, Essie Lopez, Pat Pignato, Joe De John, John ( Kwiatkowski) Flowers, Jerry & Cheryl Gleason
AlArtVicTed Edited.jpg (42730 bytes) VinnieRick Edited.jpg (50623 bytes)
Al Trento, Ted Olejnik, Vic Thompson, & Art Arvanitis Vinnie Khadiwala, Rick Dingles
VinnieJim Reese&me Edited.jpg (257855 bytes) Shelter Edit.jpg (44999 bytes)
Vinnie Khadiwala, Jim Reese, Joe De John The Shelter (Hank Kurtz far right)

jeff,dustin edited.jpg (40957 bytes) me,brian Edited.jpg (22442 bytes)
Bob Mueller, Dustin Harris, Jeff Boehler Patricia Witte, Brian Sanniola
jim,melanie,essie edited.jpg (38591 bytes) ted edited.jpg (30161 bytes)
Essie Lopez, Jim Reese, Melanie Bik Ted Olejnik
essie.jpg (57027 bytes)
Essie Lopez, Pat Pignato, Bill Odwasni