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Ethan's latest pictures

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Ethan at 2 years old


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Ethan's Birthday Party

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Phil, Chris, and Ethan  (Dec 25, 2000)

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Chris and Ethan

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Ethan's birthday was January 21st. He is two years old.  The "terrible twos" are beginning to take on real meaning for Phil and Chris. 

Ethan has learned the power of the word "NO". He uses it every chance he gets and sometimes reinforces the word with a little tantrum. It is enough to try to soul of any parent. Cheer up, only sixteen more years to go. 

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and more 


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"Now blow 

real hard"

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Ethan at 19 months

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Ethan Colin at one and a half

Ethan-061700-optimized.jpg (39965 bytes) Ethan is very serious as he sits in the jump seat of an army helicopter at a local air show. Perhaps he is thinking about when he will be able to fly one of these machines?

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Ethan at the age of one year!

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