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Please Read: In the addresses below the "(a)" character has been replaced by the "(a)" characters. When you use the address you will have to manually edit the address and replace the  "(a)" with the "(a)". This change was made to help cut down on SPAM  you might receive.  People who generate SPAM use "bots" which are programs that search the web for email addresses. They find these addresses by looking for the (a) sign. When if finds the (a) sign, it logs the address for use in a mailing list.  Changing the (a) sign to something else defeats this approach and keep you off the mailing list. Unfortunately, you are inconvenienced by having to manually edit the email address before you use it. 

The registration form is now working again.

To add your name and email address to this listing go to the registration form and fill in the requested information.  The information will be added to the site at the next update.  The registration form is not working at the moment. Simply email info to me if you want to add or update a listing. I am in the directory.

I would also appreciate emails of others we know. I will use the address to email them and see if they want to be included in our list. 

 Indicates a bad address that has been returned to me as undeliverable.  If you have an updated address for the person, please send me an email so I can update the directory.



Email Address


Fred Abrahamson fwa_name(a)  
Guy Accetura G353(a)JUNO.COM      
Ovidio Acevedo Jr. shanovie(a)     

Charles Adams

CAdams4160(a) RVs using brail system  
Jaroslaw Adamski Jarek1(a)     
Linda Alanis dreamsicle3159(a) Connor Winfield  
Iyad Alhayek Iyadalhayek(a)    

Art Arvanitis

CDEV16(a) Greek Agent  
Nigel Aubrey naubrey(a)  
Eileen Bala Eileen.Bala(a)   Motorola  
Joe Balascio ofvr5601(a)    
Eileen Bartley eileen(a) Netcom  
Pete Barton pete.barton(a)    
Bruce Beddard bbeddard1(a)    
Ed Bender eabender(a)        
Melanie Bik CPLS10(a)
Jeff Boehler



Rod Bothwell



 Changed email  
Ken Bowler KBowler(a)     
Edward Bruzgo edw.bruzgo(a)  

Jeff Cartwright

jcartwright(a) Connor Winfield  

Jim Caruba

Contact webmaster for contact info Siemens  

Beverly Carroll

bcarroll(a) Connor Winfield  
Joe Charaska joec(a)


Tim Collins lakes_lakewood(a)  
Chris Colonna





Dennis Craig dcraig(a)    
Gary Cunningham gary.cunningham(a)     
Tom Davidson tomdavidson1(a)  Info
Carl Davis carl.davis(a)   
Joe DeJohn byters(a) Motorola  
Dave Dibbs dibbs(a) Retired  
Monica Doyle kalio(a) SAIC  
Fred Dubach hcacud3(a)    
Irene Eugenis Rhigas(a) FREE AND JUMPING FOR JOY  
Jim Fallon MYSTICINSIGHTS(a)    
Richard Fedorowicz fedorow(a)
Joe Fritzman jfritzmann(a)    
Patrick Gallagher gallagher2502(a)    
Greg Gawreluk Unlisted    
John Gehrke



Scanning on Long Island.  
Cheryl Gleason GLEACHE(a)ATT.NET       
Jerry Gleason GLEAJER(a)ATT.NET      
Ray Golenia dandrg(a)    
Ken Grata kengrata(a)    
Larry Grunert larry.grunert(a)     
Dustin Harris packman(a)  
Chikara Hasegawa Chikara.Hasegawa(a)   AKA "Derek"  
Kevin Hass kevin.haas(a)  

Sandy Cianchetti

Sandy.Cianchetti(a) Sandy Hatchko  
Todd Henry henryhome(a)    
John Hiestand John.Hiestand(a) CTS Wireless  
Jim Hitchcock jhitchcock(a)        
Phyllis Hoblock Gramh12(a)     
Sanjay Hupricar


Illinois Superconductor  **
Bob Jacobson k9cj1(a)  Working at CTS wireless.  
Dick Juntunen rjuntunen(a)       
David Katchkey katch87(a)      
Ray Keeran sssdkrk(a)    
Garth Kennedy garthk(a)      
Vinnie Khadiwala cpd207(a) Motorola  

Linda Kiehl

Sang Kim Sang.Kim(a)  
Bill Kindt wjthebluesman(a)      
Robert Kinsman Robkinsman(a)IEEE.ORG Filter Man  
Bill Kiscellus bkiscellus(a) Retired .... and loving it.  
Tom Knecht tom.knecht(a)  Still working at CTS. Still making parts.  
Judy Krafft jkrafft(a) Retired from Motorola   
Steve Kravitz STEKRA(a)AOL.COM  
Hank Kurtz Hank_Kurtz(a) JPMorgan/Chase/BankOne   

Walt Kuston

Justin Laukys justlauk(a)    
Jim Lehner jlehner1(a)     
Joe Lichtenbert joereef(a)

Raising Nemo's In My Basement


Ted Lind

ted.lind(a) Free, Free, Free at last!  
Essie Lopez hope1942(a)MSN.COM       
Marlin Luff Marlin.Luff(a)     
Manas Roy manas.roy(a) Motorola Labs  

Dennis Marvin

dennism967(a) Donna & Dennis California Style  
John Mattson john(a)    
Robert Morris rmorris(a) Connor Winfield  
Steve Martinek steve.martinek(a) Somewhere in Michigan  
Al Martyka

Madeleine McAfee Madeleine.McAfee(a)    
Harold Mech Harold.Mech(a)  
Tom Melzer Tom.Melzer(a)    

Robert Mueller

Email webmaster for an address  Email  

Roy Mueller



Mary Murphy murph011(a)       
Robery Nunamaker robby723(a)    
Felix Naylor felix.naylor(a) Knowles Inc.  
Ted Olejnik tednlois(a) Ted & Lois Olejnik  
Karen Padecky 7082047__3(a) Hello. I worked for Motorola for 30 yrs. & after Elgin plant was sold, I wasn't hired by CTS. I like to say I've been fine but I can't. I miss everyone.  
Phil Persson pbpersson(a) Fixed Products  
Gary Phillips


Newly Retired Motorola
Chuck Picard cpicard1(a) Chuck & Judy Picard  
Patricia Pignato patricia.43(a)     
Tom Preston Thomas_Preston-CNGR97(a)    
Al Pulikowski alpulikowski(a) Motorola  
Jim Raatz AJK019(a)      
Syed Raza sraza(a) NetCom  
Glen Reeser GOrvil(a)   CTS Wireless  
Jim Reese Jim Reese1(a)     

Paul Rice

paulrice(a)  Changed email  
John Rucolas Juan(a)    
Dennis Rusin rusiden(a)    
Brian Sanniola Brian(a)       
Don Schumacher don.schumacher(a)  Info
Jerry Sellers jksell(a)  New Email Address   
Mike Schomas mikeschomas(a)
Bill Skoda w.skoda(a)    
Jim Socki jsocki8627(a)  
Roger Steele jsteele(a) Motorola Retired  
Phyllis Skiba Phylisskiba(a) CTS Wireless  
Fred Skwerski fredski(a)       
Marv Starzak starzak(a)  
Rich Sutliff rsutliff(a) Connor Winfield  
 Jim Terryberry jim.terryberry(a)        
Joe Tomase G11576(a)    
Vic Thompson vic.thompson(a) Motorola  

Al Trento

altrento(a) Adjusting well!  
Ken Trippett

Home: Ken.Trippett(a)

Work: Ken.Trippett(a)

Nicole Vega nicolemvega(a)    

Bruce Vojak

bvojak(a) University of Illinois  
Angie Vozikis AmvPabcor(a)    
Mike Weiss weimik(a)    
Jerry Wiland jerry.wiland(a)  

Steve Wille

stvwille(a) University of Illinois  
Patti Witt



Bob Witte bobwitte(a)     
Carl Wojewoda carl_wojewoda(a) Motorola
James Wolf wolf193(a) Shochet Securities
Richard Wong Yehonricwo(a) Soaking up the sun in California!!  
Bill Woodland BWoodland(a) Living in God's Country  
Maureen Ziegler maureenz(a) M Ziegler & Bob  
Charles Zimnicki charles(a) Entrepreneur  
Weiping Zhang weipingzhang(a)    
Ron Zoromski ronzoromski(a)    


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